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Beyond Membership: Your Participation

We want to hear your poetry/band/stand-up routine in the tap room. We want your art on our walls and we want you to use our spent grains in your pizza crust or your farm. We want to have our members vote on what kind of beer they’d like next month. We want to craft a custom batch of beer for your wedding. As Boise Brewing continues to grow and change we hope to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for every person that walks in our front door.

Community Supported Brewing

Community Supported Brewing (CSB) offers people the opportunity to purchase a “share” in their local brewery. This entitles you to a new batch of beer that is hand-crafted specifically for our members – every month. Not only are you getting your beer directly from your brewery, it opens a dialogue between the brewer and the members.

Farm to Glass

Next time you pick up a box of fresh veggies from your local farm, make sure a glass of the finest fermented beverage is sitting next to it. Boise Brewing is getting its start by going grass-roots and we’re looking for your support. The path from farm to pint glass has never been shorter.

Our Story:

Started back in 2012, Collin Rudeen first came up with the idea of opening a brewery when he signed up for a community garden. He wondered why there couldn’t be a fresh pint of his favorite malty beverage for pickup along with his monthly box of vegetables. Just like that, Boise Brewing was born. From idea to opening day was about a two-year process. Collin hired on Lance Chavez from Sockeye Brewing as head brewer and together they began working on recipes, scoping out locations, and raising capital.

Boise Brewing raised some of their start-up costs from an online kick-starter campaign. However, Collin saw an opportunity in the idea of community funded projects. After many meetings with lawyers and banks…A LOT of meetings… they came up with the idea of a community supported brewery. Much like a co-op, owners could buy “stock” in the brewery and own a portion, with dividends paid out in BEER! Boise Brewing is currently one of only a couple breweries in the country to offer an ownership program of this kind. With the help of over 280 individual owners and businesses; Boise Brewing was able to raise enough money to open its doors to the public on June 13, 2014.

Since then, Boise Brewing has been taking off faster than ever predicted. From holding their first fresh-hop beer festival (Hoptober Freshtival) less than 5 months after their opening to collaborating with other breweries and local entities for beers and events, Boise Brewing has quickly become a staple in the Boise beer scene.

We are beyond blessed and forever thankful to the owners and supporters that helped us get this far. We could never have come anywhere close to where we are today without the support of each and every one of you. You all bring the love that makes each Boise Brewing beer special. That’s the best part about being a community-owned brewery… We literally couldn’t do it without YOU! So give yourself a pat on the back, you earned it!

Where all those recipes first began...

Where all those recipes first began…

Collin & Lance during construction

Collin & Lance during construction

Hoptober Freshtival!

Hoptober Freshtival!

“Beer will change the world, I’m not sure how but it will”

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